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Ozziedoggers is Australia's Premium Hunting Dog website. Pig Hunting Australia is what we are all about. Australian Pigdogs, Hunting Feral Pigs and all other Australian Game

The biggest attraction to Ozziedoggers is our Pig Hunting Forum (discussion board) Forum We have thousands of members on the forum and it is very much a community of like minded hunters.

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Once you join the forum you will be exposed to Australia's biggest collection of information about hunting wild pigs. With loads of pictures of quality pigs caught in Oz, and our best mates the working Pig Dog.


The topics on the forum include:

Ozziedoggers - new members start here in this topic all the rules & guidelines of the forum, introductions of new members and how to join up for VIP membership. Charity Events as well.


The Great Outdoors

General discussion which could be anything from the weather, politics, jokes or anything in the media. Chatroom "The Dog House" where at any time you can talk to other hunters all over Australia, or the world.
Guns Game & Gills yep rifles, deer/rabbit/fox or any other game and of course fishing / crabbing.
Bush Tucker & Camping Setups some of the best bush recipes you will ever find


Feral Pig Hunting Discussion tons of valuable information here guys, all hunting related.
Pig Hunting Discussion analyzes pig dog training, hunting dog breeds, breeding dogs, first aid and pigdog protection.
Pigging Dogs photos and profiles of our working pigdogs
Hunting Adventures Heaps of Pictures of wild pigs, with a seperate tonners section containing 100kg+ pigs & of course some great action pig hunting videos.
Pigging Rigs Utes, Quads, Pig Racks - anything else to get out hunting.
Australian Pig Dogs - http://www.huntingpigdog.com/ - your one stop shop for breed analysis of Australian hunting dogs. Some breeds that are profiled already are : Catahoula, Staghound, Australian Bandog, Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Makim Dogs, American Bulldogs, Rhodesian Ridgeback




Hunters Market Place

Pig Dogs for sale - working or started dogs

Pig Hunting Pups for sale


Give Away - Freebies

Hunting Equipment for sale

Hunting Rigs for sale

Pig Hunting Suppliers

Hunting Dog breeder register

Lost / Found

The most impressive feature of the site is the Classifieds. Buy, Sell or swap anything related to hunting. Working Pig Dogs and Pups are for sale all the time. To advertise you need to be a VIP member, $10 a year for as many ads as you want as well as a heap of other benefits. The Doggers Supplies section lists businesses selling hunting related equipment from breast plates, tracking systems, training systems, sticking knives, spotlights, GPS, UHF, First Aid, Scales, pig hunting dvds and everything in between.

There is also a dedicated sighthound section, which covers Australian Staghounds and Kangaroo dogs, hunting greyhounds, whippets, and all other sighthound hunting breeds. See linebred staghounds and kangaroodogs from all over Australia. This is the one and only Sighthound hunting forum in Australia worth visiting. From this site the kangaroodog website was developed which links hunters with staghounds all over Australia.This section also incorporates working terriers such as patterdales, jack russels and other denning breeds. Lastly but not least working ferrets.

Ute Finding


Once a member of the forum (it is FREE to register) you can customise your profile, adding pictures and videos into your own personal gallery and that's where the fun begins!

The Ozzie Doggers forum is a great place to begin or continue your pig hunting career - you will find the forum a reliable source of information which you will keep with you for the rest of your life!!

Ozziedoggers has merchandise for sale - polo shirts, stickers and stubby coolers

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Ozziedoggers is Australia's Biggest and Best Pig Dog & Hunting site
- we continually strive to promote the image of pighunters and pigdogs - this site is the benchmark for pighunting sites and is a great ambassador for ethical and responsible hunting.


Please feel free to join our forum - ITS FREE!!

Great Hunting To You All

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